Books by Weymouth D. Symmes, War on the Rivers, This Is Latch

Praise for This Is Latch
The story of the founder and leader of Swift Boat Veterans and POWs for Truth

“IT’S A FABULOUS BOOK . . . I’ll always have the peace of knowing our story has been told . . . The book is wonderful—really a masterpiece.” —John O’Neill, Best selling co-author of Unfit for Command

“WHAT AN INCREDIBLE STORY of an incredible warrior . . . . Thank you for this splendid book.  The Swifties could have searched for years and never found a leader to equal him.  Bigger than life.” —Colonel Bud Day, Medal of Honor recipient and Vietnam POW

“WEYMOUTH D. SYMMES has captured so much more than just the story of Admiral Roy Hoffmann in his biography This is Latch.  This book weaves in the social, military and political history of the Admiral’s life.  The reader will come away with a much better understanding of those historical times . . .   The book not only honors the service of this great naval commander but also gives glimpses of his family life and his own beginnings . . . .  The author has done an outstanding job of creating a book that is both informative and still entertaining.  It is very well researched, has great photos and maps and is an easy read. I give this book my personal recommendation. Deserves FIVE STAR RATING!” —W. H. McDonald, Jr.  Founder of the Military Writer’s Society of America and author, A Spiritual Warrior’s Journey              

“ . . . the crux [of This is Latch] is when Roy Hoffmann served as commander of Task Force 115 . . . . The story of their near suicidal trips up long, narrow creeks gives a hair-raising story of this kind of war that was fought against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army. The last portion of the book deals with the formation of the Swift Boat [Veterans for Truth] and their battle against John Kerry’s run for president. Old Tin Can Sailors will recognize many officer types, both good and bad, and also various types of shipmates.”

—James Mullins  Overall rating: Four Stars (out of four). Highly Recommended. Reviewed for the Tin Can Sailors, The National Association of Destroyer Veterans Read the Full Review